Handseller™ LLC was founded by Morley Horder, his wife Colleen Horder and their business partner Theresa Savage to bring exciting technology to bookstores to help them sell more books.

Morley became aware of “recommendation software” when he met Theresa, who working with Colleen running a chain of spas, showed Morley how the software worked for skin care, hair care and fashion. The software asks customers to tell (the retailer) about their skin care (hair or fashion) preferences and then get tailored recommendations based on those preferences. Over a period of 7+ years retailers using the software significantly increased average orders; overall sales conversion and importantly, buying frequency.

Morley, a bookstore owner for 20 years, said “I want that. I think many bookstores will want that”.

The team, along with a cadre of developers, developed what has become the Handseller™ Customer Engagement Suite for Bookstores. It uses the power of its recommendation engine to match customers to books in a number of different ways – online; instore or via email.

Since 2017, Handseller™ has worked closely with a dozen bookstores and has supported their use of Handseller's software platform and recommendation engine. In turn, these amazing stores and their staff have provided the Handseller™ team with invaluable guidance. The software suite has evolved to include ever more customer engagement.

Handseller™ has forged relationships with some key Point-of-Sale vendors and continues to strengthen those bonds to find further points of integration. Handseller™ is currently integrated with Anthology, Basil and BookLog.

Handseller™ is integrated with IndieCommerce to provide seamless integration with the IndieCommerce shopping cart.

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