Welcome to the Handseller mobile app for Independent Bookstore customers!

To get started, a customer begins from the Home Page.

There are 3 main sections: DISCOVER, BROWSE and SEARCH – plus a section at the bottom of the Home Page that introduces your customers to the latest Indie Best Sellers – in Fiction, Non-Fiction, Young Adult and Children’s Books.

Books like this book search

DISCOVER is unlike any other search engine available for books. Your customer types in the name of a book they have already read and loved in order to discover more Books Like This Book.

Select the book

Your customer chooses the title he or she is searching for from the drop down menu and selects ‘GO.’

Books like this book result page

Your customer sees books that are like the book he or she loved!

Book detail page

Click on the book title of interest. Users are directed to the book detail page complete with reviews, ratings and purchasing options. Rate books by swiping across the ratings bar.

Select the author

Or, your customer can DISCOVER Authors Like This Author. Enter the name of the author and select ‘Go’.

Author like this Author result page

The original Author you chose will appear at the top of the results page. Scroll down for a number of authors whose own books might be of interest given the author chosen.

Fiction Landing page with bestsellers

The second section on the Home Page is BROWSE. When your customer picks a category, such as Fiction or Non Fiction, a page is shown with the top selling books from Independent Bookstores across the nation. From this page your customer can browse by more specific criteria.

Bookdetail page

From anywhere in the site your customer can buy, order or put a book on hold (if in stock); or add to a list. This “book detail page” gives information about the book including Title, Publisher, Format, Pages, Price and more. If the book is AVAILABLE IN STORE your customer can put the book ON HOLD. Whether in store or available to order, your customer can add to the shopping cart from the book detail page.

Select Fiction genre and sub-genre

By clicking on the BOOKS icon from the fiction page, your customer will be able to select whichever genre or sub-genre he or she wants to browse. Notice, and this is unique, your customer can select up to 3 genres- such as Romance, Mystery, Historical.

Fiction result page

See books that match the specific criteria chosen.

Fiction refine search

Refine your search and choose to filter books by Staff Review, Indie Review, Indie Next, Award Winning or Best Sellers.

Fiction refine search result page --> staff review

An even more refined list will appear based on your criteria.

Non-Fiction Landing page with bestsellers

If Non Fiction is chosen for browsing, best sellers will also appear.

Non-Fiction Subjects Landing page

Or enhance your Non Fiction search by browsing up to three subjects and sub subjects and select 'Go Find Books'.

Non-Fiction result page

Browse through results, refine or start a new search.

Young Adult Landing page

Young Adult Discovery is similar to Fiction and Non Fiction browsing options. Scroll through Bestselling Hardcover and Paperback titles.

Young Adult Genre & Subjects Landing page

Or select Fiction or Non Fiction to begin filtering results by genre and sub-genre.

Book detail page

Refine results and click on a book cover for the book detail page.

Children's landing page with best sellers

For Children's, browse Bestselling Hardcover and Paperback books by scrolling through titles.

Childrens Genre and Subjects Landing page

Filter through books by selecting an age range and Fiction or Non Fiction.

Select Childrens Genre and Subjects

Select the subjects you would like to see by clicking on up to three in your search. Choose "Go Find Books".

Result page

A list of recommended results will appear based on your Children's search. Click a book cover for the book detail page.

Select the book

Using the Homepage, users may search by book title. Begin typing the title and choose the correct book from the drop down.

Search by title result page

Results that match your search will appear. Click on the book cover to view the book detail page.

Select Author

You can also SEARCH to find books by a specific author.

Search by author result page

Results that match your search will appear. Click on the book cover to view the book detail page.

Search By Subject/keyword

Or, SEARCH by subject or keyword(s). Type your entry into the toolbar and click ‘Go’.

Search By Subject/keyword result page

Results that match your search will appear. Click on a book cover to view the book detail page.

Indie Best Sellers Fiction

At the foot of the Home Page screen are the Indie Best Sellers. Click on any book cover to view its book detail page.

Indie Best Sellers Fiction

Swipe left to find the Indie Best Sellers in Non-Fiction, YA and Children’s Books.

Book detail page action items

From the book detail page of any book, a customer can check to see if a book is available in their favorite Independent Bookstore and put a book on HOLD, BUY or ADD to LIST.

Save to an existing list

Select Add to List to save a book to an existing list or create a new list.

Select Save to an existing list name

Choose a list from the drop down menu.

Save to an existing list success message

Click save.

Save to new list

Alternatively, save books to a new list and enter a list name.

Contiue to explore books like this book,author like this ,More books by this author

After learning about and taking desired action regarding any specific book and/or author, the user is prompted to continue exploring the site.

Scanning a book

Scanning book barcodes is another great way for a user to add a book to a LIST or use a book as the starting place from which to do DISCOVER and SEARCH actions.

Scan books by aligning the book barcode with the scan window – a confirmation will appear with the ISBN for that book when it is successfully scanned.

select a book and move to saved list

Manage scanned book titles and add to lists by clicking next to the Book Cover image. Click on all applicable titles you wish to add to a list and select 'Move'.

Lists Landing page

When LISTS is chosen, both user lists and the STAFF LISTS from their chosen Handseller bookstore will appear on the menu.

Lists Landing page

Click Staff Lists to view.

Staff list page

Choose the list you would like to see.

Staff list --> list wise books

Staff can even rate the books on their lists and provide this information for users.

Lists page

Purchasing a book is straightforward. The Shopping Cart experience follows the standard format and process steps normally found when purchasing from today’s apps. The user can choose to either pick up the purchased book at their local bookstore or have the book shipped directly to them (shipping charges may apply.)


Standard payment information is entered by the customer.

Lists page

And an email is sent confirming the transaction and the chosen method for up or direct delivery.

Lists page

Bookstores that subscribe to the Handseller Suite can choose to enable the HOLD function for their store. This will allow their store’s customers to put books on HOLD when using the Handseller Mobile app as well as when using the store’s own website.

Lists page

Return back to the Homepage at any time to continue browsing books or close out of the mobile app. These are just some of the exciting features of the Handseller Suite!